What’s New in the 2024 Silverscript Medicare Part D Plans?

As you approach your retirement years, healthcare ought to be one of the biggest considerations you make when selecting a Medicare plan. You ideally want a healthcare plan that addresses all your healthcare needs at an affordable price. Fortunately, Medicare Part D offers prescription drug coverage to seniors with stand-alone prescription drug plans that supplement traditional Medicare plans. One of the high-ranking Medicare Part D plans is Silverscript. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the Silverscript Medicare Part D plans 2024 to help you make an informed decision about your healthcare plan.

SilverScript Medicare Part D plans provide comprehensive cover for medications, with premiums plans designed for Americans at different income levels, including low-income beneficiaries, those eligible for the Medicare Savings program, and those who qualify for Extra Help. As you consider your options, you will find that SilverScript features four plans based on the various regions in the country: Saver, Plus, Allure, and Premier. The pricing and covered drugs for each plan differ.

Saver Plan: The saver plan is ideal for seniors who take low- to medium-cost prescriptions with copays. The plan features a vast network of pharmacies and accommodates some long-term care pharmacies. Under this plan, you pay $0 copay for preferred generics or get discounts on non-preferred generics, preferred brands, or non-preferred brands when you purchase them at a preferred pharmacy.

Plus Plan: The plus plan allows you to fill your prescription at any in-network pharmacy across the country. Like Saver, you enjoy copay savings when you purchase your medication at preferred pharmacies. The plus plan accommodates preferred and non-preferred generics, preferred and non-preferred brands, and part D vaccines. The plan is ideal for seniors who are on long-term medication courses.

Allure Plan: The allure plan offers comprehensive coverage for people who manage chronic conditions. The Allure plan covers specialist drugs, exclusive drugs, and other high-cost treatment options like vaccines, insulins, and opioid drugs. However, this plan comes with higher copays than the Saver and Plus plans, making it ideal for high-budget users.

Premier Plan: The premier plan is the highest-cost package provided by SilverScript. This plan offers broad coverage for all prescription drugs at most in-network pharmacies. Plan users benefit from copays savings on preferred pharmacies for all covered drugs, making it ideal for high-ended drugs users. The premier plan also waives copays and coinsurance on drugs not listed on the plan, making it the most comprehensive package among SilverScript Medicare Part D plans.


Selecting an appropriate SilverScript Medicare Part D plan can be a daunting task for seniors. The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. SilverScript provides seniors with exceptional service that includes a range of virtual and in-person tools and resources. In conclusion, 2024 Silverscript Medicare Part D plans offer comprehensive coverage for all prescription drugs at affordable rates, making them a suitable option for seniors. Factors like your health status, income level, budget, and drug list will determine the best plan for you. Therefore, before making a decision, it’s crucial to perform due diligence and research the various plans to see which one best suits your needs.

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