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Kirker & Davis LLP can help in the matter of family law attorney or divorce, in which each and every issue can be solved. We can help you to successful end your unsuccessful life of marriage. You can speak thoroughly while dialing a call at (512) 746-7399.


There are many types of divorce that are given below:

Contested divorce: It means that parties do not come with issue or agreement. In such cases, the divorce may lead to trail setting.

Professional divorce: A professional doesn’t have enough time to go outside because of its challenging career, as a result, our experience attorney provides better and a vast way of solving this process.

Business involving divorce: There is a complication when the business involved in the divorce case. When the business come from the previous generation then it is hard to deal with.

High net divorce: The divorce can become a complex one when there is a high net between two individual because marriage is a complex partnership.

High assets divorce: In this type of divorce, all the assets have to split up between two individuals. If you are coming into an agreement, then its depend on you to decide how to divide the assets.

Divorce decree modifications: When all documents are finalized and court issue the order then the review process is started, however in this manner, we will help you out.

Uncontested divorce: It’s a situation, in which both are agreed for separation but some issue arises like the implementation of separation can be difficult.

Legal separation process: In which separation process is decided through legal action like documentation and other formalities.

Divorce mediation: In this case, everything depends on the lawyer that they meet the third party and get the proper solution.

Child Custody

Often, the child custody issue arises at the time of divorce. In case, there is no agreement between parents then the case is taken to the court for further proceeding. There are following types of child custody case that is:

  1. Conservatorship
  2. High conflict custody
  3. Child support
  4. Modification of child support agreements

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