Penis envy shroom and its medicinal effects

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Penis Envy shrooms are mushrooms containing Psilocybin. Psilocybin is a chemical compound; it is a prodrug compound produced by more than 200 different species of psychoactive fungi.Penis envy shrooms are rare to find due to difficulty in cultivating because they take longer to mature and don’t produce as many spores as other species do. 

Penis Envy shrooms resembles phallic shape or it looks similar to a penis. The caps on penis shrooms were closer and have thicker stems than other usual strains. These mushrooms are known for their exceptional potency. The Penis envy Mushroom have 50 to 100% more Psilocybin than any other Psilocybe cubensis strain.


Penis Envy shrooms was first found by Terence Kemp McKenna in early 1970s deep in Columbian Amazon. He wrote on many topics from plant-based entheogens, Psychedelic drugs. Terence along with his brother were the first who developed a reliable and effective technique for cultivating Penis Envy Mushrooms from spores which they took from amazon. They adapted San Antonio’s technique for producing edible mushroom by casing mycelia cultures on rye grain substrate. 

Health Benefits

  • •Penis Envy Mushrooms have many health benefits and it able to cure a various type of illnesses.
  • •These mushrooms are anti-addiction and is used to cure addictions of cocaine and nicotine-based drugs. If someone caught with unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking these mushrooms helps in preventing those habits too.
  • •They can be used in alleviate conditions like Anxiety and Depressions, Due to the active ingredient Psilocybin. In some case a very small dose of magic mushroom permanently eliminates the symptoms.
  • •Magic Mushrooms helps triggering Psychological Distress and controlling mood changes and treating various mental conditions. 

1. What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is hallucinogenic chemical that found in certain mushrooms. The mushrooms that contain psilocybin are also known as magic mushrooms. These drugs have recreational properties and hence used in various medical fields.

2. Substrates on which Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Penis Envy Mushrooms grow on every substrate i.e., rye grain, rice, flour, manure, vermiculite. Rye Grain is best suited for cultivating magic mushrooms. These Mushrooms are very less resistant to contamination and may abort easily. It takes much time than any other species to become fruitful. 

3. Basic Materials needed to grow magic mushroom at home?

  • Penis envy Mushroom Spores
  • Fruiting Chamber 
  • Substrate – Rye Grain 
  • Jar 
  • Distilled water
  • Incubator 
  • Hand gloves 
  • Perlite

4. Is Cultivating Penis Envy Mushroom Legal? 

Cultivating these mushrooms are illegal in most countries. Due to unrecognized medical values in it.

5. Types of Penis Envy Mushrooms?

  • The Albino Penis Envy Mushroom – It has a milky white color of stem and caps are tinted with dark blue color. Sizes of these mushrooms are smaller than penis envy mushrooms.
  • Penis Envy Uncut Mushrooms- Caps of these mushrooms remains closed even in mature stage of mushroom.
  • Trans Envy Mushrooms- These Mushrooms have medium thick yellowish-white stem thinner than Penis Envy Mushrooms and thicker than Transkei Magic Mushroom. These mushrooms look similar to Transkei Envy Mushrooms.

6. Effect of penis envy mushroom? 

  • Intense feelings of Joy
  • Morphing of things
  • Auditory disorder
  • Synesthesia 
  • Feeling connected to universe
  • Color enhancement

Magic mushrooms are agent of change. They can mediate an inner conversation with your subconscious. Destroy the house where your ego stays childlike innocent within. Psilocybin mushroom can introduce spirituality to claim to have no religion. 

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