Interesting Bath Toys & Books to Make Bath Time Pleasurable For Kids

Mamas and Papas Offers Fun-making Bath Time Toys & Books

Toddlers spend the whole day doing a lot of activities. They are restless and always ready to go for an adventure in bedroom, kitchen or garden. Bathe is necessary to keep them clean. It can be a soothing and relaxing activity, but most of the kids get scared of water and keep on crying while taking bathe. Offer them interesting bath toys and give them opportunity to enjoy and learn during bath time. Receive Mamas and Papas promo code to purchase the learning and fun-making bath toys on discount.

Age for Playing with Bath Toys

If you are uncertain about the right age, wait for the time when your baby starts getting interest in toys. Usually, six month baby gets mature enough to sit and hold toys in hand. For toddlers, bright rubber toys in various shapes and bright colors are the best. Duck, jelly fish, baby shark, boat and stars are some of the favorite baby toys.

For 12 months+ kids, blocks, balls, foam letters, foam numbers, fishing set, submarine, floating toys, sea creatures, temperature sensing animals, bath puzzle, sprayer, spout flow & fill, monster cars and bath balls are some of the compelling toys, available at Mamas and Papas.

Bath Time Books

There are interesting bath time books for kids above one year. Use of story books and learning books is the most effective strategy for engaging the restless creature. These books do not have batteries. The pages are made up of water resistant material. With the help of these books, let your kids to learn colors, animal names, alphabets, numbers and shapes. Utilize mamas and papas promo code just to order bath time books, floating toys, sea creatures and rubber animals to promote your kid’s mental development.

Bath Time Safety Measures

Do not compromise on the safety essentials even if the baby is playing in the bath tub. Do not leave the toddlers unattended or under the supervision of older siblings. Make it certain the tap for hot water is properly turned off.

Bath toys that can squirt or squeak must be washed after finishing the bath time activity. The inner surface gets damp and becomes an ideal place for mold production. Empty the squeakers and wash them with vinegar and warm water solution. Keep the bath toys in a rack, placed in open area so the excess moisture can dry out and the bath time toys remain safe for the kids.

Spending quality time with your loved ones strengthen the love bond. Instead of crying and getting afraid of water, toddlers love to take bath and perform learning based full of fun activities. You will notice that the pleasant experience has made your kids excited and they wait for the next bath. Bath toys encourage kids to learn about new things, so keep on introducing new toys.

Bowls, colander and measuring cups are the favorite play set for floating, putting the small toys in big bowl and scooping or pouring the water through measuring cup. The mamas and papas promo code is utilizable for buying the durable toys that help preschoolers to organize pretend play in the bath tub.

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