How Good Solar Companies Can Help You Predict The Future

The solar power industry has never been in better shape. In real terms and when prices are adjusted for inflation, solar panels are about 50% cheaper than they were at the turn of the Millenium – and many times more effective. We’re still some way from coming anywhere close to fully utilize the amazing potential of solar power (in just a single second, the Sun delivers enough energy to power Earth for two hours!) – but a good solar company will also help guide their customers towards making the most of current technology with an eye on the future. Nobody wants to splash out on technology which may be considered outdated and inefficient in just a few year’s time – and this is where independent companies can truly come into their own.

An Independent Approach Towards Long Term Efficiency

Perhaps you have noticed how many of the larger companies have been posting disappointing figures over the last couple of years? That seems to fly against the fact that solar uptake is at record levels and fuelled by numerous Federal incentives to support both domestic and commercial installations by covering a substantial amount of the initial costs. The simple explanation is that customers have grown wise to the fact that large solar corporations are tied into supply contracts that oblige them to install second-rate solar panels at over the odds prices. “Good enough” simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to solar power, because technology is advancing so quickly that a barely adequate setup today is going to be antiquated within a few years.

Independent solar contractors are not obliged to promote or push particular products. That additional freedom allows them to approach every project – from the smallest home to the largest business – with an eye on what system would specifically work the best for that property. Effective solar energy installation is simply not a formulaic project and people have now thankfully started to wake up to that fact! Some of the best solar companies will look at the overall cost-effectiveness of using the best quality panels to generate the highest overall returns – and when we’re talking a lifespan of 25 years+ that equates to potentially tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional energy generation.

Storage Is Becoming Mainstream

Until quite recently storage batteries were considered a little unusual for domestic or small business solar power systems. Thanks to those falling prices and far better technological standards and reliability, modern solar energy setups can now easily include highly efficient storage batteries that retain excess power for later use. Make no mistake – we’ll see batteries become supplied as standard within the next few years or so – and the best companies are the ones already working in that direction.

Storage systems may add a little to the overall installation cost but as with everything to do with solar power it is all about generating the largest long term returns. Systems with battery capacity tend to be those that ultimately pay back the most – meaning these are especially good options for businesses and agricultural concerns that require higher phases of energy use depending on the seasons. Not everyone needs batteries – and a good solar power company will assess that factor on a case by case basis – but they are becoming standard and are far more effective (and cheaper!) than just a few years ago.

Protection Against Rising Grid Energy Costs

Even if you live in a state such as Idaho which has historically enjoyed quite low grid energy prices, there is no certainty that those prices are always going to stay so affordable. Green energy incentives have been implemented not only because of their environmental benefits but also because renewable energy is ultimately going to be the path that we simply need to take. Research suggests that a modest baseline energy price hike could seriously damage many small businesses operating on thin margins – which means that the opportunity for generating a proportion of your own needs is one everyone should be taking.

An Idaho solar company will not look to encourage its customers to spend more than is required. They will look instead at the best value way of providing a degree of energy security that works not only to save money over the longer term but to provide an effective insurance against the risk of rising costs. It’ll happen sooner or later – that is absolutely certain – so now is the time to take advantage of those financial incentives while they’re still available.

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