How Can Potholes Damage Your Wheels And Compromise Your Vehicle’s Safety

Potholes are everywhere and you might drive over them without a care – but there are a lot of reasons as to why you should care. Potholes can cause a lot of damage to wheels, thus risking your car’s safety and your own. Here are some reasons why potholes can damage your wheels and put your car at risk.

Your Rims

The rims of your wheels can easily get damaged by potholes on the street. Rims are supposed to be tough and hard, unlike your tires. However, the rims can sometimes shatter, crack or bend if they take a hard hit. Under-inflated tires and low-profile tires can be a sign that the rims have taken damage. The rims can get compromised then not be able to hold the air in if they take enough damage.

Your Tires

Every driver knows the importance of properly inflated tires and that you have to use the right pressure – not only does it ensure a smooth drive, but it can take more impact like when you hit a pothole. However, you can easily damage your tire if you hit a pothole at an angle, run over a pothole at a high speeInstalled Pluginsd or run over a big one. This is why most tires have air-inflated rubber tires – they should deform to the surface of the road to act as a cushion to absorb a lot of road noise and traction but over time they will slightly deflate – especially if you keep going over potholes.

The shock and compression will tear the inner lining if you hit a pothole head-on and hard. You can use your hands to feel a bulge of air, which is why it is called a sidewall breach – if you hit another pothole the same way, there is a high chance your tire will blow out. You will then need to find a good wheel to replace your tire, like Mercedes wheels for sale to replace it.


The best way to prevent damage to your wheels by potholes is to drive properly and carefully. A properly inflated tire should be able to take a few hits but at the right angles. Tires are not designed to take hits from a pothole at an angle, therefore your tire can take severe and immediate damage. You will then need to get a replacement Mercedes wheels for sale because there is a high chance that you cannot simply repair the damage.

You should also take note of the signs of pothole damage because they might not be as noticeable as immediate ones like hitting your wheel on a pothole hard at an angle. For instance, signs that your car got damaged from potholes are your car slides/bounces on a rough, winding road, your car sways as you turn, the read end of the car squats when you accelerate, etc.

Potholes seem like harmless things because they are on so many roads, but you should be aware of the danger that they pose to your car’s safety and your wheels. Remember all the information above to keep you and your car safe.

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