Full Service Event Management is Critical

When you want to put on an event or concert, it is vital that you work with a team of experts who know the business inside and out. Just as important is that the firm is a full service event management business. When you work with such a company, you know that every aspect of your event planning is handled by professionals with extensive experience in the industry, from start to finish.

When you’re planning your event, we access our extensive database of venues and contacts to help you find the best location for your event and budget. We handle all logistics, catering, security, and other aspects of the event’s production that you may not have even considered. We also help negotiate venue prices and arrange payment schedules.

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Marketing and promotion is critical to getting the word out about your event, and we are fully equipped to handle this aspect of your event as well. We have relationships with local and national radio stations, and we can do everything from create copy to develop ad schedule and ticket giveaways. We also target television audiences on a national and local level and promote your event through local newspapers as well. Email blasts are another way we reach thousands of possible guests or concert-goers. We also use social media and do grass roots promotions.

If your event needs a sponsor or donator, we have staff who create appealing graphics and proposals to companies. This can increase your event’s appeal and overall budget. We are also skilled at finding celebrities to highlight your event and to increase its appeal to your targeted audience members.

Finally, we have experience in philanthropic management. We work with nonprofit organizations to help them develop core strengths and programs to help build long term organizational sustainability. We ensure our work is in line with the mission of the nonprofit, and we strive to make the most social impact. We do grant writing, fundraising, plan signature events, evaluate program development, and build capacity.

Whether your organization is a nonprofit or corporate entity, we are ready to provide full service event management to help you create the best possible event experience. We handle all aspects of your event so that you don’t have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. Your theme and decorations, food, production schedule, finding a venue, ensuring security, and promoting your event are all areas in which we excel. Our security protocols include perimeter surveillance with CCTV, crowd control with barriers, on-ground security personnel, significant
military presence with assault-type AR-10 rifles, especially since it is not easy to predict what type of attack is coming, or if or when it will come.

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