Food Safety Courses for Business Confidence

Whilst the investment in staff training can be a reluctant one for management and owners, it is also imperative. The cost and time implications may seem negative when scheduling rotas and looking at the cash flow but the few hours spent on food safety training, adopting best practices and managing food hygiene tools may make the difference between your food business’ survival and catastrophe.

 The best food safety courses can prevent your enterprise from being the cause of a food hygiene incident. Remove the risk of consumer illness or death, fines, legal action and a loss of reputation by choosing education not hope and luck.

Who needs training?

When a new employee starts at your firm they must receive food safety and health and safety training. There is no legitimate excuse for this not to occur. You must give the tools to the employee to safeguard your operation, the consumers and co-worker’s health and safety.

Food and safety courses are to be attended by all levels of staff, no matter how long they work with you, so trainee to sous chef, part time to full time, weekend staff to supervisor, no one is exempt. Food hygiene is too important to take chances with, ensure that every member of the team has the information and the capabilities to achieve optimum safety levels.

It’s recommended that refresher food safety courses are taken every three years so that staff can be up to date in their knowledge and practices. A lot can alter in three years, please don’t assume that a FSA/local authority inspector will be sympathetic to a tale about why your staff are working against regulations.

Even staff who only have fleeting contact with food or refreshments should receive basic food safety training, so if there are receptionists, front of house meet and greet staff or cleaning staff who fall in to this category then please talk to food safety courses specialists.

The onus is on you

It is management and owner’s responsibility to invest in food safety training and therefore in their staff. The information gained on a food and safety course serves you and them, for the future.

Your customers expect you to be working in a safe manner that poses no risks to them. Unless you have a food hygiene scheme rating of 5 and your team is perfect 100% of the time there is every need to secure food safety courses either online, in the premises or at the training centre of a leading food and safety course provider like Food Alert.

Food and safety courses available include:

  • CIEH Food Safety Awareness.
  • Food Safety Induction Training.
  • CIEH level 1 Food Safety training.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety training.
  • CIEH level 3 Food Safety training.
  • RSPH level 4 Managing Food Safety.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 4 Managing Food Safety in Manufacturing.

Peace of mind is an invaluable commodity, please talk to a specialist about food safety training for your team.

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