Design considerations for Balustrades

We have all been talking about how effective the balustrades really are for safety and security purposes. But let us be honest here: is it the only reason you want to spend so much on balustrading? While you are spending money, wouldn’t you be theleast bit interested or excited about the look it will give to the whole building? So, let us take a look at some of the design features you need to consider before going ahead with balustrading?


Depending on the purpose, you can have balustrades installed inside or outside your home. This location will have a huge impact on the design you want to consider and more importantly the material you would want to go with.Are you a person who likes to enjoy a bit of the afternoon breeze with his tea or someone who doesn’t want to compromise on privacy at all? Depending on your preferences, you need to decide if you will be fine with glass balustrades or the ones that are more solid and complete in their design.

Overall look

What is the purpose of the installation of balustrades?  Are you doing this because it is a part of the requirement for the building or for you have young kids at home and their safety is your main concern? It is after you have identified the real purpose behind you going for this option that you can choose the material for balustrades. Glass gives a more aesthetically pleasing look while steel is more conveniently customized for your needs. People with kids at home avoid glass as it is easily breakable but this is not the case with steel. So, depending on the purpose and the look you want, the balustrades would have to be chosen.

If you are looking for a more refined and organic look, do look into the option of using wood balustrades. They not only look appealing but give a unique look as well.


It might not seem as of now but it is aone really important factor which would and should drive your choice of selection. After all, when new everything looks good. The plan is to have them looking the same even years after the installation. Most of the times, you are required to do more than just cleaning for maintaining the look of the balustrades. If it is steel wires, they lose their tension and go limp after a few years. The iron begins to rust and the glass due to lack of cleaning goes bad too. While the quality is important, you also need to be looking into the other design features to come up with the right choice.

With these things in mind, you will now be better prepared to talk to the service provider about what exactly you are looking for. Let this be one of the deciding chapters for Balustrades: A Buying, Installation & Maintenance Guide for you. Go with the option that will not only bring safety but a peace of mind as well for you.

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