Anavar is one of the famous anabolic steroids in the market which is used by both men and women. Besides, Anavar is milder than the other steroids and this is one of the reasons why women use it to reach their fitness goals. This steroid is also popular as Oxandrin, Oxandrolone and lonavar.

Is it legal to buy Anavar?

Though Anavar is safe supplement to use, it is not legal in many countries like Australia, Canada, UK etc. In other words, buying Anavar without a doctor’s prescription can land you in problems. As there are some laws against Anavar usage in many countries, you have to check the legal status of this steroid in that country and then proceed accordingly.

However, if you have a doctor’s prescription with you then you can buy this steroid from your local pharmaceutical stores. However, Anavar is not found in the international markets these days as there are some laws against its usage in some countries.

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Benefits of Anavar

  • Great Muscle Gain: People who are looking for noticeable muscle gain in short period of time use Anavar.
  • Improved Muscle Stamina: Anavar is works on your body in a fabulous way and improves your muscle stamina. Hence, you can happily workout in your gym for a longer time without getting stressed out.
  • Appetite Suppression: Anavar is well known for reducing food cravings. In this way, it makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Fat Loss: Anavar is a great option to choose for fat loss and this is one of the reasons behind its popularity in bodybuilding industry.

What is the safe Anavar dosage?

If you are a beginner then the recommended Anavar dosage for you would be 10mg per day. Remember, if you are a new user you have to always give some time for your body to adjust with the supplements which you are using. Increase the dosage levels slowly and avoid overusing any steroid as it might be harmful to your health. However, you can use up to 30mg per day if you are an experienced steroid user.

Where it is safe to buy Anavar?

There are a lot of reputed bodybuilding supplement sellers online whom you can approach and purchase this steroid. However, you have to ensure that you are not buying a cheap product to prevent dangerous side-effects on your health. Buy Anavar online today to retain your muscle mass and lose fat!

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