5 things to know about platform Stairlifts

If you have someone who uses a wheelchair at home, you will be aware of how difficult it can be for them to move around the house and get done with things that require them moving from one floor to the other. Platform lifts are created to help them move around and they usually cover 2 or more floors. There is a shaft with an L-shaped platform to holsters the wheelchair between different floors. It surely does sound to be really comfortable for people who are in wheelchairs. Here are a few things you need to know about before you order a platform lift.

1. Open vs closed

The open platform lift only works for up to 3 meters since it doesn’t need the L-shaped interior whereas with the closed platform you get to cover a wider area. It can go around the home and across multiple floors too. So, choose the type of platform depending on the area you want to be covered.

2. Space utilization

It is not only about the movement of the wheelchair in the shaft but its movement across the home as well. The wheelchair should be able to move in the front of each door without getting stuck. This is something you would have to discuss with your installation company since they would be requiring some installation space too.

3. Talk about mechanics

There are a variety of mechanics that can be installed with the lifts to impact the drive, the space that would be needed for the installation and the length of installation unit. The types of drive systems that are most common are hydraulic units, guided chains,and screw drive.

4. Door hinges for each landing

Most of the clients have made the mistake of ordering the platform lifts without bringing their positions of their doors on each landing. Make sure that the doors are hinged in a way that they do not conflict with each other.

Automatic doors canbe considered here as well. For people who find anopening and closing the doors a bit difficult, automatic door can save them a lot of energy. However, make sure that the doors are placed strategically in the building. For commercial buildings, the doors should never open in a busy corridor as they can be dangerous for people passing by.

5. Color options

With lifts, you do not have to restrict yourself to boring monotones. Before getting started do talk to the company providing you with the services about the different designs and color options that are available to you. From the interior to the doors, everything can be made to go with the theme of the rest of the house. Color coordination makes the mood livelier and makes things look aesthetically pleasing.

For more information on the platform lifts and any other question that you might have, talk to the company that best meet your needs. We will be glad to provide all the information that you might need so that you can make the right decisions.

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