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In Hasty Forensic is a psycho crime thriller where the story begins by showing the past of the small psychopathic boy who collects live amphibians and parts of hen in jars. One day he was caught by his father and received punishment, a few years later he killed his father wildly and concealed in his house.

Couple of days later from a dance class a little girl Divya gets kidnapped, Rithika (Mamta Mohandas) a police officer starts investigation. The next day the little girl was brutally killed and the dead body was found by a football player beside a dump yard in the outskirts of the city. The entire police department took the case as a challenge and sped up the instigation. Rithika gets few clues and requests for a forensic investigator.

He assigns Sam (Tovino Thomas) and shikha as forensic assistants to Sam. The murder go serially and missing cases of girl children who belong to the age category of 5 years. How did Rithika crack the series of murders? Did they find out the serial killer? How does the forensic help out the investigation? Is the psycho boy involved in these serial murders? To know watch Forensic in AHA OTT.


Genre: Scientific Thriller

Duration: 133mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Spectacular


  • Mamtha Mohandas as a strong IPS Officer maintains stunning looks and does amazingly what her character demands, her role as a tough cop and also holds a sensitive path with ease.
  • Tovino Thomas excels in the complete movie with his dazzling performance with his outstanding humor and striking too.
  • Reba Monica as Forensic assistance performed brilliantly towards her role.
  • Anas Khan and Akhil Pau have proved their talent in executing an outstanding direction with a very lawless path.
  • Music by Jakes Bejoy has given extraordinary music which is a major asset for any thriller movie and Jakes has just rocked it.
  • The music which makes thrilling and anxiety to watch.

Cast and crew

Director– Akhil Paul, Anas Khan

Producer– Navis Xavier, Siju Mathew, Raju Malliath

Actor– Tovino Thomas

Actress– Mamtha Mohandas, Reba Monica John

Other characters– SrikanthMurali, RenjiPanickar, Prathappothan, Roney David, Saijukurup, Ramu, Anwar shereef, DhaneshAnand

Music director-Jakes Bejoy

Release date– 28th February 2020.


We might have watched very different types of crime movies but Forensic instant story gains an impulse crime thriller depicting serial killings with suspenseful moments. All the shots are brilliantly captured by Akhil George. The editing is vivid. Truly and extremely the implementation and engaging psychopath reaches the standards far above the conventional thriller standards.Thriller with Game Changer film from Tovino Thomas, Mamthamohandas and Reba monicadeserve applause and kudos for their Career Best Performances.


The entire movie till everything is solved by the FORENSIC expert get audience seat edged thriller ..worth watching

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