Tips to Choose Bi-fold Doors

One of the major trends that have taken over the renovation and self-building world by storm is to add a glaze or two in the home design. And for great reasons, one they let you open up the home to the amazing outdoors when the sun is up and shining. Two it becomes another effective living space and three the interiors look amazing in the natural light. However, bi-folds are a big investment so you would need to choose the material, operating system, screening options and things of the like. For that matter, we have brought you some tips to help you choose the right bi-fold doors for your home.

1. Which Material is better for Bi-Fold Doors between Timber and Aluminum?

We have two materials which are the most common choices for the bi-fold doors, timber and aluminum. Timber bi-folds would be most suitable option if you are going for a traditional home. Among the many timber options, engineered hardwood timbers would serve the best as they offer more dimensional stability compared to the solid timber doors. However, the downside to using timber is that you would have to keep painting and varnishing it to maintain the appearance. On the other hand, Aluminum bi-folds would be more suitable for the contemporary and modern houses. They are better as far as the re-coating is concerned as they only require a one-time powder coat finish. These doors can also be made wider compared to timber ones which makes aluminum a cost-effective material as well for requiring fewer doors for the frame.

2. What is the best operating system for Bi-fold Doors?

There are two operating systems when it comes to bi-fold doors, namely top-hung and bottom-rolling. As the names suggest, this is the way the weight of the door would be supported. Both systems have their own pros and cons. The top-hung systems are good at concealing the operating mechanism in the head which is least affected by the dirt and leaves and continues to run smoothly, however, they require a stronger lintel to support the weight of the doors while opening. On the other hand, bottom-rolling have their mechanism exposed to dirt and leaves might get lodged in it affecting the operation, however, you won’t have to invest more in the lintel to make it stronger.

3. What is the best Screening Method for Bi-fold Doors?

One of the simplest methods is to go for the full-length curtains, which isn’t a popular choice for blocking all the light as well as destroying the sleek look that the bi-folds are meant for. Horizontally moving built-in shades and screens provide the best solution as shades protect you from the overwhelming sunlight as well as privacy when the doors are closed while the screens provide protection once the doors are opened.

The above-mentioned tips will help you a great deal while choosing the right bi-fold doors for your house. If you need any further assistance regarding the bi-folds doors from different styles to trends and debars, do get in contact with us.

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