The Possibilities With A Leather Gun Holster

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Leather gun holsters are a preferred gun holster for most Americans over generations. Apart from providing great form and support to your gun of choice, it also gives a sense of old-world nostalgia for many collectors. While the market can give you cheaper options such as nylon or polymer-based options like kyder, you will find that increasingly it is the leather gun holster that still lies in the centre of most gun enthusiasts.

Leather gun holsters are a speciality that lends itself perfectly for custom-making craftsmanship where there are dedicated gun holster companies specialising in only leather. You will find that leather gun holsters are moulded to fit specific guns keeping it secure, and designed with various options for the kind of use you have in mind. Designs are made for Concealed Carry, Competitive use or Everyday Carry. Leather gun holsters lends itself very well to all uses providing a variation of fits as you may be interested in.

Features of leather gun holsters

Gun Holster Types: Leather gun holsters can come in different types. Popular designs are the Over the Waistband (OWB) holster, the Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster and the Shoulder holsters. People usually choose one over the other based on the kind of handgun they are using, the purpose for which they use the handgun and personal preference for comfort and habit.

Retention devices: A retention device is a feature of a gun holster that secures the gun onto the holster and prevents the gun from falling or getting into the hands of another person. There are various levels of retention that people can choose from. With an active retention there are features such as a thumb-break to protect it. In an Open Top gun holster you will find that the holster uses the material’s friction and/ or the shape of the holster itself to prevent unwanted movement.

Pattern: There are three patterns that are usually found with gun holsters. The pancake pattern has two pieces of the material joined together to form a pancake-like look. A paddle pattern uses a clip to keep the holster in position. The belt slide allows you to slide your belt through the holster. These mainly refer to OWB gun holsters and can even be cross draw. In a pancake pattern you will usually find slots for your belt that offer ‘cant’ or an angle to help with an easy draw.

Design and Colour: Leather gun holsters can be found in different shades of tan and even in black. It also can be found with different characteristics that makes it unique. Leather gun holsters can be embossed with whatever design that can even be custom made for you.

Comfort: Leather gun holsters fit your body better with use. It is made to be sturdy but also provides room for some flexibility that contours to your body shape and use. These days, leather gun holsters may also be made hybrid with plastic lining for better durability.

There is a whole world out there when it comes to leather gun holsters that you could be spoilt for choice! All the Best!

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