Shabby Chic Wooden Furniture – A Timeless Contemporary Classic

Shabby chic wooden furniture is among the most fashionable home furniture styles trending today. The in vogue of yesteryears has literally been recycled and reinvented to suit modern day living and design concepts.

Recycling is a big concern worldwide. Shabby chic furniture is primarily crafted using recycled furniture and wood. Being relatively environmentally friendly, this can be a major consideration for people ebbing toward shabby chic furniture and storage solutions for their home.

Furniture design has changed somewhat over the last century. Simplicity through design is a popular approach these days. In that, it must function as well as look good. This is where kalusto furniture excels. All our collections include carefully crafted furniture that functions as good as it looks. Built to the highest standards by experienced craftsmen, our furniture is made to last.

Not all ‘Wood’ Is the Same

During the ultimate decades many people have been put off buying wooden furniture because of concerns for conservation (pine, oak, mahogany and walnut for example). Today the wood used is not from endangered species. It is from controlled sources and this allows people to feel more comfortable buying wooden furniture once again. In reality, wooden furniture has never gone out of style. Many people simply do not feel comfortable buying it, even now. Shabby chic is recycled and this really appeals to contemporary ideas.

Veneered furniture is cheap to manufacture and so very inexpensive. However, it rarely lasts. Well built furniture, made from quality wood can provide a lifetime of service. Trends come and go, but you simply cannot beat solid wood for longevity. Veneer wood is somewhat of a false economy. It has a short life-span and in this way is very disposable.

Recycling Matters

Our ‘Shabby Chic’ range of furniture is made from recycled wood from southern areas of India – Primarily Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtr. Most of the wood is vintage, being anywhere from fifty to one hundred and fifty years old. Without doubt, our shabby chic range is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to recycle!

Something Individual

Originality is something many people strive for within their home. Each and every piece of the shabby chic furniture range is slightly distinctive. Because the colours are hand finished and the wood is recycled, every piece has its own uniqueness.

Not so easy to achieve

It is hard to imagine shabby chic going out of mode. It fits so well into contemporary style concepts and ideals. Indeed, this unique style has been born from ‘real people’: A fashion that began way back in the eighties. It is defined by the use of vintage, olde-worlde luxury furniture that is revamped to suit modern environments. For the inexperienced, achieving the shabby chic look can be more than their artistic talents can manage.

Today this look is so popular there are craftsmen and manufacturers specialising in the shabby chic style. The vintage wood, distressed colours and classic cosiness of this furniture something they are able to achieve with perfect balance. Simply browse our extensive shabby chic range and you will see exactly what we mean.

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