Make some designs on the focal wall in your house

Feature wall plays an important role in the decoration of any room in your house. You can use different kinds of designs, colors, materials and patterns for giving it an elegant look. It does notrequire more budget so you can also use some cheap materials like wood, tiles, tape and paint. These materials are enough toadd texture and color both in any room of your house. You can also use some ideas for decorating the focal wall of the room which are as follows:

Fabric designs

There are many people who want to use the fabrics for decorating the focal wall of the room. Light weight cotton is the best option for creating some amazing designs. You can also use liquid fabric starch for making some designs on the wall. Thumbtacks are used to hang the fabric temporarily and you can apply a thin coat of fabric starch directly on the hanged fiber. You should also use the wallpaper smoothing tool for removing the excessive creases and bubbles. Remove all the excessive fabric with the help of box cutter.

Geometric wallpaper

If you want to add multiple colors in your designs then geometric wallpaper is the best option. In this some patterns of designs are made by different colors.  Experts can help you in making some geometric designs whichare also known as the geometric prim which add some anchor in the space of the house.


The look will be amazing when you use chalkboard paint for decorating the kitchen’s focal wall. You can also make some chalk designs on your wall. There are many people who use this decorating idea in the kitchen space.

Vertical wood panels

Wood gives a rustic look to the interiors. You can also use the vertical wood panels for decorating the focal wall of bedroom. You can also use different colored paint colors for adding a modern look to your bedroom interiors.

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