Looking for a Cheap Fabric Bed? Top Buying Tips

One of the biggest ‘spends’ for most people within the home is the sofa and their bed. On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s easy to work out why it is so important. There is nothing like a good nights’ sleep to make sure you’re ready for your day – Mind sharp and in a good mood! Any doctor will tell you, sleepless nights can have quite a negative impact on your health, body and mind. However, if the budget is tight the only option is to buy the best you can for the money you can afford. In addition, of the bed is only for visitors and will not be used every day, sometimes a cheap fabric bed is all you need. Why pay more?

There is a lot of choice out there, regardless of budget. Here’s a few top tips to help you get the best value for money possible.

How Long Will it Last?

In reality, no bed is made to last a lifetime. Even if it continues to look good, ultimately the support it offers will reduce over time. Of course, how much it is used will affect the life-span. If you spend most nights watching TV or reading in bed for several hours it will age quickly. Whether there are two people or one, and how much they weigh will also affect the life-span. On average, seven years is the ‘break point’ for many mattresses. If you start waking up with aches and pains that you didn’t have a year ago it’s probably time to change. Cheaper beds are not made to last. However, buy wisely and you can get quite a few years good sleep out of them!

Do Not Judge by Looks Alone

As they say, you cannot judge a book by its cover. The same applies to beds! One mattress might look the same as another but it is what is underneath the cover that makes them different. Of course, the first thing you notice is the cover (known as ‘ticking’). While manufacturers can spend a lot of time choosing attractive designs and covers, try not to get too wrapped up in what the mattress looks like. It’s going to be covered up with bedding anyway! When you are on a tight budget it is important to ensure you are spending money on the structure, which is what gives you the support needed for a good nights’ sleep. Not wasting it on pretty or specialised ticking (anti-allergy & thermal regulating for example). Mattress protectors are readily available, changeable and a very economical solution.

Freebies v Discounts

While they might be saying that amazing bedding set is ‘free’, in reality nothing is free. At some point, somewhere, the cost of this is included. If you want cheap then forget the ‘extras’ and concentrate on the construction. Check out seasonal sales as well as end of line offers. Getting a good discount is more practical and generally provides better value for money.

Online outlets usually have less mark-up simply because they do not have so many overheads to cover. Take your time, compare prices and quality. This way you will find the best bed for your money.

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