Ideas for creating the perfect rustic kitchen

Rustic elegance is transforming the kitchen space in every possible way. The well-worked rustic textures go with countertops and fireplaces. Rustic kitchen designs are set to dominate the kitchen décor trends in the foreseeable future. Learning how to intergrade the perfect rustic pieces in your kitchen will come in handy for you. Essentially, an ideal rustic kitchen should be a warm, cozy space with touches of nature everywhere.

Here are some ideas for creating a rustic kitchen:

Nature is key in rustic spaces

A rustic kitchen should have a natural ambiance to it. This can be achieved by integrating natural elements such as wood into your design.  Wooden pieces can be introduced through cabinets, flooring and decorative features such as vases. When integrating wooden features and finishes ensure they compliment each other and don’t clash. Note that the finishes don’t have to match completely, but they should reflect a similar tone. For example, if you have a honey-stained oak floor you can consider espresso stained cabinets or even a darker shade. Or if you have table of steel or other materials, then you can go for patio furniture sets for dining.

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Consider painted finishes

Today’s rustic kitchens with painted finishes are becoming popular. However, if you want to do a paint job for your rustic pieces, consider earth tones, as they will create a warm and inviting space. You can also choose to be creative with your colors and pick white, which brings a modern touch to rustic designs. For your kitchen, its advisable to use some polish but do bit go overboard with it.

Get creative with some metal accents

Metallic touches in rustic designs are becoming popular by the day. For your kitchen, you can use an industrial style pendant, which will excellently compliment a reclaimed piece of wood. You can also try some metal bar stools which greatly compliment rustic countertops. However, while integrating metallic finishes, pick toned-down metal finishes over the bright and shiny ones.

Get versatile with your décor 

Rustic designs have no boundaries meaning there are no rules. In fact, the more spontaneous you do it, the better it will look.  You can choose to use large pieces of wood for décor purposes or use branch stems or floral systems. Either way, you can’t go wrong with rustic designs in the kitchen provided you go for the toned down color themes.

Rustic kitchens are a piece of timeless elegance. Rustic designs provide a natural appeal to your kitchen that few other types of furniture can match.  Also, for authenticity, rustic furniture is handcrafted which gives it a refined appearance once in place. The texture of reclaimed pieces is simply magnificent and brings out the elegance in every room.  Are you thinking of recreating your kitchen? Go rustic.

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