Here’s Why You Should Invest in earthquake kits for Your Home

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What would you do if an earthquake struck while you were at home? Would you just run out of your house and wait for the tremors to subside, or would you be prepared for such a natural disaster?

An earthquake can strike anytime, anywhere. You might not be able to predict when it will happen, but there’s one thing that you can do to prepare yourself – invest in an earthquake kit. This article will look at some important reasons why investing in earthquake kits for your home is a great idea.

Know Where the Safe Areas Are in Your Home

If you know where to run to in the event of an earthquake, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. Make sure you know the safest places in your home to be in case of an earthquake. This is where knowledge of your home’s structure comes in handy. You should avoid places like under stairwells, the garage, and the bathroom.

Don’t Forget the Flashlight and Batteries

If the power goes out during an earthquake, you are likely to be left in the dark. Most people don’t know this, but a power outage is one of the most common side effects of an earthquake. You can prepare for this by investing in a few extra flashlights and lots of batteries.

Remember to keep your flashlights away from water and store them in a dry place. It’s best to keep them in a box or a bag that’s away from liquids. This will prevent the flashlight from getting damaged if it gets wet.

Flashlights are a very important part of a basic earthquake kit. Make sure you have enough flashlights stored in different areas of your home so that they are easy to find in case of an emergency.

Earthquakes Can Cause Fires

Fire is a very common occurrence after an earthquake. If your house uses natural gas or propane for heating, cooking, or water heating, there is a chance that the earthquake could cause a leak in the pipes.

If this happens, you could potentially be at risk of a fire. It’s best to keep a wrench by the gas meter in the house so that you can shut off the flow of gas to the house. This will prevent a potential house fire and give the fire department time to come and shut off the flow of gas from outside the house.

Protect Against Breathing Problems

Lastly, earthquakes often cause people to breathe in harmful chemicals and dust that can cause breathing problems. One of the best things you can do is to keep a face mask in your earthquake kit. This can come in handy if you need to go outside during an earthquake and clean up the debris.

Make sure you buy a mask that is N95 or N100 rated. This will help protect you against the harmful chemicals and dust in the air. You can also use a bandana or a scarf to cover your nose and mouth.

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