Crowdfunding for rehabilitating drug abuse victims

A great number of Indians are without health insurance of any kind and have limited access to loans from traditional financial institutions, who have mental illness or some addiction they want to let go. Granted, some part of the treatment process in leading a victim to alcoholism or drug addiction is physical, but each comes with the necessity of extensive psychotherapy and often some need for medication to combat withdrawal symptoms, including sleeplessness, trembling of the extremities, lack of appetite, and extreme mood swings. Some develop depression while in rehabilitation, which requires the intervention of a psychiatrist, and of course, this is expensive and most addicts from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds do without the luxury of seeking professional medical help for these issues.

Unfortunately, by the time someone is ready to treat their addiction, they’ve often drained their financial resources to such an extent they can no longer afford the treatment they need. The cost of treatment can vary widely – alas, sometimes with little correlation between cost and efficacy.

One method of paying for such which belong in a zone at the intersection of the strictly medical and the social, and this method is to raise funds online through crowdfunding india. With crowdfunding, an individual can create a fundraiser for free online, on the website of a crowdfunding platform, and share this page on their social media handles, asking for donations. Typically, a large number of donors who have read about the fundraiser or have been encouraged to contribute to it by a credible influencer, donate small amounts each, and poo; funds to meet the final target. On medical crowdfunding platforms in India like Impact Guru, some campaigners have raised as much as INR 25 Lakhs in under a month. Crowdfunding sites in India are quick, red-tape free, and involves an initial outlay. Quite precisely, all you really need to start a fundraising campaign are an electronic device that lets you access the internet.

To crowdfund as a recovering drug abuse victim, you will need to first shed your trappings of pride. You are asking not for charity but for human compassion from the large online community of donors, who are extending their helping hands out of empathy and amity. They do this because they support the cause of liberating people from the toxic influence of an illegal substance and want to see them rehabilitated into useful, productive social and working lives.

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